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Our philosophy revolves around providing the most stress free process of designing you a tailor made website at minimal cost. Please visit the How It Works page to find out more!

Magnifiweb was born out of frustration as a result of hearing so many stories of people with traumatic experiences setting up their websites. Having a website for your business in this day and age is simply essential, your website is the face of your company – it’s your identity. So why does something so necessary have to be so difficult to achieve?

We discovered that a close relative was made to wait over a year for a website made by a ‘professional’ website designer, costing £4000. After our initial shock we delved behind the scenes of this particular website; and although it was well made and fit for purpose, we put ourselves to the test. To prove a point, we were able to build a replica of the website from scratch within 2 weeks, with enough time left to enhance back-end operations such as SEO that was not even done in the first place! With the service we offer at the cost of just £29 per month for your website, it would take over 11 years to reach that £4000 figure.

We strive to design and build your website based upon the details you input into the customisation form, along with the content that you send us. One of the reasons we are able to keep our prices so low is through spending less time having discussion meetings and more time developing! We like to keep our websites simple, but eye catching and effective. This ensures that your visitors see the information you want them to see and increase the performance of your website. Of course – if you aren’t happy with any aspects when you review the draft website we will alter them.

Put simply, you won’t find a better pay monthly cheap website package on the internet. At just £29 per month with lifetime support, free updates and only a 2 month contract clause – you’d be crazy not to! Let us show you How It Works