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  • We are not responsible for any wasted time due to incorrectly spelt details such as your domain name, company name etc.
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  • We will alert you if any of your customisation wishes are not possible for any reason before you sign our Customer Agreement form. 
  • All content for your website including text/images will be sent to us directly after signing the Customer Agreement form. 
  • We strive to design and build you a website based upon the customisation details you provide here, along with the content that you send us. One of the reasons we are able to keep our prices so low is through spending less time having discussion meetings and more time developing! We like to keep our websites simple, but eye catching and effective. This ensures that your visitors see the information you want them to see and increase the performance of your website. Of course – if you aren’t happy with any aspects when you review the draft website we will alter them.
  • Thank you for choosing Magnifiweb!
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e.g. Magnifiweb / Joe Bloggs Photography
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If you have a live website, but do not mind taking it down for the time it takes us to build a new one, please tick 'No'
e.g. Low Cost Tailor Made Websites!
e.g. Musician, Pet Food, Solicitors
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Max 20 products including variations. Additional products can be added for £4 per product variation.
Include any specific design details that you definitely want, e.g. a photo slider/banner at the top of the homepage etc. (We can't guarantee all specifics can be achieved but will advise if this is the case)