Frequently Asked Questions

Can you really build my website in 3 weeks?

We certainly aim to! We have a great success rate of completing the build and design process within a 3 week period, ready for your review before going live. If it still isn’t finished by 4 weeks, we even refund your first monthly payment!

How do I customise my website?

Before we begin building your website, you will be required to fill out a customisation form and send us the content for your site including pictures. This form gives us a solid guideline of how you want it to look and enables us to fulfil designing a website that matches your branding. You can always send us more specific details via e-mail, however we can’t promise to fulfil every aesthetic detail.

What if I want to make changes down the line?

We are committed to providing ongoing maintenance to help your business run smoothly. We perform FREE minor content updates within 48 hours of the request, or same day updates for a small additional charge. Large updates will be invoiced appropriately. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions > Maintenance for more information.

I already have a domain name, is this a problem?

Not at all. We recommend all our customers to purchase their domain names through a domain registrar before we begin building the website, but we can handle this process if you are not sure what to do.

You mentioned SEO?

We did indeed! FREE standard Search Engine Optimisation is part of the package! This includes modifying your page titles, slugs and meta-descriptions along with keywords to help improve your google page rankings. We can’t guarantee where you will rank as unfortunately we do not control the algorithms used by the search engines.

Is there any upfront cost?

NO upfront costs or hidden small print here! It is what it says on the tin – £29 per month, starting from when we begin building your website, payable within 7 days of receipt of your monthly invoice. Your price will NEVER rise! (Alternative price plan of £200 up front cost and £9.99 p/m also available).

How many pages / products am I allowed?

With our price plans you may have up to 6 main navigation menu pages including Homepage. This is more than enough (this website has 5), as having lots of pages will inevitably slow the performance of your website. Page limits can be discussed at possible additional costs depending on the quantity of content. If you require an e-commerce platform to sell your products, you may have up to 20 product variations. Note that the same product in 5 different sizes would class as 5 product variations. We can add more product variations for a small cost of £4. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions > Customisation for more information.

Am I tied to a contract?

If for some reason you wish to terminate your website and payments, you can do so by contacting us ANY TIME after 2 months hassle free. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions > Termination for more information.