Our philosophy revolves around being easy and understandable, so here is our not so small print:


1                     FEES

1.1                FEE PAYABLE

Once you have signed the ‘Customer Agreement’ we have entered into a contract. Upon receipt of this agreement you will be invoiced £29, and further £29 invoices on the same date on a monthly basis (following Monday if this date falls on a Sunday). If you have opted for the alternate £200 upfront price plan, you will be invoiced £209.99 upon receipt of the ‘Customer Agreement’ and further £9.99 invoices on the same date on a monthly basis. The invoice will state that you have 7 days to make payment. Payment details will also be included in your emailed monthly invoice.


2                     DISCLAIMERS

2.1                CUSTOMISATION

While we keep to our promise of a tailor made website for you or your business, we can’t promise that we can fulfil every aesthetic detail as what we can control may be restricted by the chosen themes that we host on our web server. Before we enter into an agreement on designing your website, you will submit a ‘Customisation Form’ that details many of the aspects within our control and you can customise them to your liking. We will discuss if any of your details may be restricted before any agreements are made. All price plans are a maximum of 6 main navigation menu pages and 20 product variations for e-commerce websites. These content limits may be negotiated with possible additional costs by contacting us prior to signing the ‘Customer Agreement’.

2.2                CREATION PERIOD

We strive to complete building and designing your website within 3 weeks of our entered agreement. Due to potential issues that may arise outside of our control there is a possibility that it could take longer than 3 weeks. You will have the chance to review your completed website before it is live should there be any adjustments you wish to make. If your new website is not completed 4 weeks after our agreement is made we will refund your first monthly payment of either £29.99 or £9.99 depending on your price plan.

2.3                THIRD PARTIES

Magnifiweb can take no responsibility for services provided by third parties. This includes any downtime experienced due to the fault of the web server which is out of our control. We will always endeavour to resolve any issues surrounding your website caused by third parties.


3                     COMPLETION OF WORK

3.1                  SEO

Although standard SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is included in the package, we can’t guarantee where your page will rank in search engines. Many new websites will also sit in a ‘sandbox’ state on search engines for a period of weeks/months where you may not be ranked at all. This is a system in place to stop scammers from making a new website to exploit customers until the site is removed and a new one is set up. We take no responsibility for the algorithms in place that calculate your page rankings.

3.2                MAINTENANCE

Magnifiweb is committed to providing ongoing maintenance by performing minor content updates to your website when requested. These updates will be live within 48 hours of the request, or if it is particularly urgent we can process minor updates ‘same day’ for a fee of £5. A ‘minor’ update could be for example; changing text, changing an image, altering prices, changing T & Cs, adding a frequently asked question etc. More laborious updates such as changing or adding whole pages, bulk image changes / gallery change etc will be invoiced at a cost of our discretion, however our rate for labour is always the most competitive you will find in the industry. Adding more products to your website if you have an e-commerce platform will be an additional £4 per product variation (first 20 products included in all price plans). We do not take any responsibilities for grammatical or typography errors in content that you have provided for your website, please request a website update should this be the case.


4                   PROPERTY & TERMINATION

4.1                DOMAIN NAME

Any Domain Name obtained will belong to you. We recommend that you use a domain registrar to purchase your domain name. If you are unable to do so, it is possible for us to do this on your behalf and invoicing you for the amount payable. If this is the case, you will still be the named owner of your new domain, and should our contract terminate this can be transferred to a domain registrar of your choosing.

4.2                SUPPLYING MATERIALS

Materials required to build the website such as images, logos and typography must be provided by yourself. You should ensure that you have sufficient copyright licenses. Any content provided to us will not transfer ownership of rights for said content such as copyrighted images or company logos.

4.3                TERMINATION

If for some reason you wish to end our contract together, you can do so by contacting us anytime after your first 2 months. We make setting up your new website as easy as possible by offering no upfront cost; however this DOES come at a cost to us! Your first 2 payments cover MOST of our upfront cost, not including labour building and designing. We do not offer a facility to move your website to a different host, so upon terminating our contract your website files will be kept temporarily on our system for 3 months should you change your mind before deletion. If you wish to cancel your website BEFORE 2 months after signing the ‘Customer Agreement’, you will still be invoiced for the first 2 months of payments. If you have selected the £200 + £9.99 p/m price plan and wish to cancel BEFORE 2 months, you will be refunded all payment MINUS the cost of setup and first 2 monthly payments. Upon cancelling the contract your website will no longer be live on the World Wide Web. Magnifiweb reserves the right to terminate a contract without prior notice if it is deemed that the client, their website, or any material is illegal, immoral or otherwise unacceptable.

4.4                CONFIDENTIALTY

ANY personal or business details given by you to Magnifiweb remain in strictest privacy and confidentiality. We DO NOT share any details with third parties; this includes any customers or visitors to your website. We do not monitor incoming or outgoing emails from your webmail accounts.


Change of Terms and Conditions These terms & conditions may change from time to time. The Client will be informed of revisions as and when they are issued.

Standard Terms and Conditions MAGNIFIWEB  v1